About Us

KTD Print stands for meaningful print done well. We are honored to print for some of the most highly regarded organizations in Detroit and across the country. What they do and the services they provide give more meaning to our lives. We are dedicated to enhancing that meaning by utilizing experienced and skilled crafts people and the finest production capabilities Detroit has to offer. Our work speaks for itself. The results achieved and what our clients say speaks for how we deliver.


Since 1993, integrity in craftsmanship and service has been our cornerstone. It has been the principle that has guided us through the years.

At the heart of things

We see through the lens of innovative craftsmanship. Our clients know what they want and we help them envision the finished product. By paying “obsessively” close attention to the details, we help realize their vision in its finest form.


We have been called a “bad-ass printer.” We think that's good, for we are dedicated advocates for innovative craftsmanship and excellence in print. While we’ve been honored with some of the industry’s highest awards, including national and international awards from the Gallery of Superb Printing and Ben Franklin Awards from the Printing Industries of America, our most prized award is happy, satisfied clients.

Understanding what is needed

Every client has unique needs. Common to all is a need to achieve the greatest return on print and marketing investments. Understanding of needs, cost-effective methods and innovation are ideal for both non-profit and for-profit organizations.